Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What am I doing?

Okay so I joked about creating this blog, and got lots of different feedback. Well I decided to go for it, it might keep me sane to be able to get on here and let all the crazy, empty, silly thoughts out for everyone to read and comment on. So here we go first as shows the title I have no idea what I am doing or exactly how to do this but I think with time I will become a pro lol. I still can't figure out how to send pics to my facebook via my cell phone. So we will see if I do any better with this! Second I would like to let anyone know who reads this that I am using this as a place for advice, tips, and hints for all things in life from parenting to cooking everything really, But mostly I am going to use it as an outlet to vent and talk about stuff nobody may care about but me! So hopefully I won't offend anyone with what I have to say on a daily basis. On the other hand if I do here it is the only time I will say it "Sorry! You came here to read of your own free choice so quit gripping!" Anyone who knows me and just read that is saying aww that's the girl I know. Yeah I tend to speak my mind, sometimes this is good and sometimes it gets me in trouble but what can I say I can't change who I am there's something freeing sometimes about saying what you feel and think of course sometimes I regret it a little, see that I said sometimes. Also I think this will be a great place to make people laugh, there is nothing better than having someone make you laugh, making someone laugh, or having someone to laugh with! Now once i get this thing going I will probably update it way to much! Hope you all read enjoy and most importantly remember this is my blog to express how I fee and what I think, take that with a grain of salt!


  1. Great job... now lets get some pictures on here to fance it up a bit You can go to " The cutest blog on the block " to change the way it looks!

  2. Good start to the blogging world. If you want some tips or advice with blogging, you should go to " Marriageconfessions.com " they did a live chat a few days ago, and have the link on their page. Plus Katie is a wonderful writer with an adorable little boy.

    Keep up the good work :)