Monday, March 15, 2010

Where does the time go?

Not the typical blog you are probably expecting with that title, Where does my time go might have been more appropriate, Let's see Friday through Monday morning put in 40 hours of work. Monday sleep a little then pick up kids come home get Maddie ready for gym, On Tuesdays and Thursdays we drive to Fayetteville for 4 hours of gymnastics on Wednesdays it is church and now also on Thursdays we have track meets to attend and not to mention baseball season will be starting and we have two playing this year! And now Mason is thinking about playing for a traveling league out of Westville, um excuse me? How are we suppose to drive there twice a week and not to mention once games start no telling where we will be driving. I think I need two of me! Let the cloning begin except this time make me a little skinnier please! But you know even though I am complaining about the running around I wouldn't trade it for anything I look at Mason who is turning 16 in a couple of months and realize wow a couple more years and he is off to college and Maddie will not be far behind, My little babies are growing up way to fast and here I sit and grip that we are always go go go! I will gladly run full speed to be at every sporting event, every school play, every check up and anything else they want to throw in If only in return I could have a few minutes each day just to sit and look at each one have a conversation steal a glimspe of a little smile and hear a little giggle. Why must they grow up so fast? Can't they stay home with me forever Iwould give up all my me time for just a little more us time. Time is so precious and sometimes we don't realize that until the time starts to run out! So where did all the time go and how do I get some of it back?

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