Saturday, March 13, 2010

organized? Ha!

As I woke up today, and was looking around for a book I was wanting to read could I find it no I could not! And why is that oh I don't know maybe because I live with the most unorganized bunch ever! Answer me this, why is it so hard to put something back in the same spot you got it out of? Because it was so much easier and faster to put it back down two cabinets to the left? Um it takes the same amount of time to put it right back where you got it but it takes a lot longer to find it when it is in the wrong spot than if it's in the right one! I may start to go crazy! I think I will buy a label maker maybe that will help, of course my hubby says no way because he thinks he will wake up with his name labeled on his head one morning. Well at least then he will know who he is in case he forgets, which could happen considering how I send him to the store for peas and he comes home with carrots lol. but that is a whole other blog! Now let's see how do you get 4 kids and a grown man to stay organized? I thought I could let it go and just realize it was never going to happen and just live amongst the chaos but obviously I can't because here I am blogging about it, I am obsessed or possessed whichever fits lol. My sister volunteered to come over next week and help whip the house into shape when you see her running down the road screaming please pick her up and take her home she had no idea what she was walking into, although I did try to warn her. I mean where do you put the endless papers the kids bring home from school and church I have 4 kids so that is an average of 60 to 65 papers a week, not including the endless amount of mail I think I will just start tossing all of the mail straight from the box to the recycle bin, or course then my bills might get neglected, and who knows what kind of accidents would occur over here in the dark with all the disorganization? Guess I better look for the light bill before I start throwing stuff out! I think the first thing I need to do is make a list and get a plan in order to start this the right way, now where is my pen? KIDSSSSSSSSSSSS

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